Seequasal is able to provide sea-salt for a variety of needs. Lobsters in ISPC aquariums, for instance, require salt with a significantly higher buffer capacity than in Muenster Zoo. The same amount of water used in Muenster would lead to precipitation due to the amount of calcium carbonate in the spring water.

  • by using regular household salt we can cut transport costs up to 50%
  • we can preset the amount of calcium according to our customers’ demands
  • we deliver basic substances for every existing systembased solution
  • Diskus-salt, Malawi-salt and basic substances such as calcium chloride or natrium chloride-free sea salt are in stock
  • Buckets and bags are available in all sizes, let us know which you prefer (e.g. a UK customer receives five tons in 11 kg bags).
  • a deposit on vessels is not only environmentally reasonable, it also helps the retailer or wholesaler to establish a strong relationship with the customer

Contact us. We will be happy to deal with your questions/ demands.