We take a great deal of care over the production of SEEQUASAL-SALT using state-of-the-art chemicals according to the German/ European pharmacopoeia.

SEEQUASAL-SALT contains “wet salt”, i.e. water molecules are bound in the initial substance. Thus, SEEQUASAL-SALT can easily dissolve in water without going lumpy. What’s more, it contains all the micro-nutrients and trace elements for animals and plants. This is why SEEQUASAL-SALT has turned out to be effective in aquariums across Europe/ worldwide, where it proves to be the basis of successful keeping and breeding.


A clean aquarium, plastic vessel or balloon is filled with a little less than the prescribed amount of water. SEEQUASAL-SALT is added and dissolves. After three to six hours of airing and possible filtering, water-density might be set by adding water. Checking the pH scale and the temperature must not be forgotten.

SEEQUASAL-SALT makes it possible to raise carbonate hardness consciously. Carbonate precipitation sometimes occurs while the salt dissolves, but can be ignored.